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Offered services


Covering many areas, our company performs translations of:

- manuals;
- technical;
- documentation;
- brochures;
- leaflets;
- booklets;
- treaties;
- specialty books;
- different other documents.


All our translators are already certified by the Ministry of Justice so we can also provide authentication services, the latter being charged separately.

Types of documents that may be subject to authentication on the client´s request:
- certificates;
- identity documents; - legal statements and documents of power of attorney;
- economic documentation;
- diplomas , registration files ;
- work programs, agendas;
- curricula;
- documentation for public auctions;
- court orders;
- property deeds;
- contracts of sale, lease , loans, etc.;
- commercial correspondence;
- commercial contracts;
- corporate documents (certificates of registration, endorsement inscribing certificates etc.);
- accounting documents;
- expertise;
- reports, etc.


If your business requires a multilingual website, in order to extend your services to a broader range of markets, we also offer website translation services to any language.


Our company provides interpretation of the highest quality and at the best prices. Our interpreters have relevant experience in various fields and are willing even to travel to other cities, whether the customers' needs so require.

In the same time, we always offer the best professionals irrespective they are asked for performing their interpretations at important meetings, business meetings or just informal meeting between speakers of different languages.

Our interpreters can provide simultaneous or consecutive interpretation, by phone or video-call, if the necessary facilities are made available; regardless of the chosen method, the quality of the translation will not suffer at all.


In order to respond as much as possible to the customers´ demands, our company also provides notary services without making the client travel further. For this service you will not be extra charged with other taxes than the regular notary fees, so you have everything to gain so far.


Before requesting the translation of a document, be sure that:

- The data listed in the document are accurate - especially at court sentences , where most typographical errors occur.
- The translator inscribes the name / surname the way they appear within the original act.
- The documents you have is endowed with all necessary visas, i.e. those of the incumbent ministries ( e.g. for medical certificates - Ministry of Health and Family) and target the Ministry Foreign Affairs (Apostilles) . Some countries specifically require these types of visas, in order to demonstrate the genuine character of the document.
- The documents for civil status are of international use - the old ones are not recognized abroad. Certificates for international use are obtained from the same office for civil status aspects that issued the old documents.
- The documents subject to translation are readable, in proper physical status and contain no erasures or alterations. In this case, changes or erasures must bear the apostille / signature of that representative of the authority which issued the document.
- For translations from Russian, Greek or Hebrew, you should have a photocopy of the passport holder or another act where his name should appear as written with Latin characters.